Sunday, May 24, 2020

NASCAR Returns - So Say We All

NASCAR has returned, albeit with empty stands, so things are getting better in the world. I know, NASCAR isn’t the fix or vaccine against COVID-19, but it’s one of a few first steps to return to what many are calling the new normal.  Watching the final race laps at Niffer’s at the Tracks with a cold beverage and several friends is a real joy.  Sushi last week at Eighth and Rail also a sign of good things. 

Now, I’m not entirely comfortable being around more massive crowds.   I prefer to keep my distance and fist bumps, although I did shake hands with a friend over the weekend.  I’ve spent a lot of time listening to comments from a wide range of friends.  I am somewhat surprised (well maybe not) of all the misinformation out there.  Life was simpler or perhaps more innocent before all the electronic social connections of today’s world.   I find myself not checking Facebook as much as the past months.  So many opinions that I would never argue or discuss in person.  May each week ahead be better than the last. “So Say We All!”  

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