Sunday, May 24, 2020

NASCAR Returns - So Say We All

NASCAR has returned, albeit with empty stands, so things are getting better in the world. I know, NASCAR isn’t the fix or vaccine against COVID-19, but it’s one of a few first steps to return to what many are calling the new normal.  Watching the final race laps at Niffer’s at the Tracks with a cold beverage and several friends is a real joy.  Sushi last week at Eighth and Rail also a sign of good things. 

Now, I’m not entirely comfortable being around more massive crowds.   I prefer to keep my distance and fist bumps, although I did shake hands with a friend over the weekend.  I’ve spent a lot of time listening to comments from a wide range of friends.  I am somewhat surprised (well maybe not) of all the misinformation out there.  Life was simpler or perhaps more innocent before all the electronic social connections of today’s world.   I find myself not checking Facebook as much as the past months.  So many opinions that I would never argue or discuss in person.  May each week ahead be better than the last. “So Say We All!”  

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Life Returns to Normal, Well Not Really!

Monday, local restaurants had permission to open in Alabama.  Although the COVID curve seems like it's leveling, it has not begun a downturn.  With that in mind, and in an effort not to completely go out of my mind, I ventured out with a couple of Niffer's regulars.  Most servers were wearing a mask, many tables were removed, and the kid's area had been removed, never to return. And, that's not a bad thing!  It was good to grab some wings again.  Considered the 12 stools at the bar had been replaced with only three, I felt comfortable that I'd be able to social distance.  I’m not ready to go back to old routines yet.  I’ll give it a few more weeks.  Stay safe out there.  (Picture: Niffer’s bar area tables)

Sunday, May 10, 2020

At Home

You would think with all this time “at home”, I would really be getting a lot done.  Well many friends are, but I am spinning tires more than not.  I did clean dishes in the sink this morning, only to fill it two more times with things around the kitchen.  That load of clothes in the dryer for a week, is finally folded and put away.  I guess that is some progress.  Today is my weekly trip to Georgia.  The short 20-minute trip allows me to purchase a lottery ticket from the comfort of my truck using the Georgia Lottery mobile app. You must be in the state and recognized by the app pinging on a Georgia cell tower.  The welcome station provides a good location.

Alabama is easing restrictions on what can be open beginning Monday.  I thought that Mama Mochas approach to watch the numbers and follow science was logical.  They will continue pickup at the door for now at least.  It will be interesting to watch others.  Zazu’s is giving itself another week to weigh the options of opening the restaurant or not.  Their pickup menu has been successful the past several weeks.    I’ll try and circle back with a complete update on downtown eating later.  


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